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BMW Smorawiński
Gadgets and accessories associated with BMW - leather goods
BookBox - secondhand bookshop
Maroko Sklep
Morocco closer to You
Adamas Jewelery
Manufacturer of golden and silver jewelery
Collector\'s Photo Gallery
BMW motorcycles parts
Men\'s Jewelry
Stylish jewelry for men
Zamorskie Kolonie
Discover board games
Clothing and accessories from Outhorn
Virtual Point
Techland store - software and games
Smorawiński - MINI Dealer
Online store for MINI and BMW fans
Unforgettable parties
Agricultural Wholesale
Parts for tractors and agricultural machinery

About Us

InfoSerwis was founded in 2003. We started to combine work with passion, which is why we offer services and products of the highest quality. Our team consists of IT enthusiasts, people constantly extending their knowledge and skills.

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Plans for the Future / Vision

We want to continuously improve our software and expand the opportunities to respond to the rapidly growing Internet market. This will ensure the success of our customers in the future.


The mission - expanding possibilities

Our mission is to create a personal database software, which will open up our clients new and unlimited possibilities of development.


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