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What is BestSeller WebAPI?

To meet the requirements of our customers, we decided to provide BestSeller WebAPI service to all users of our software. It is a new, free service allowing you to exchange data between your store and external software.

In addition to a wide range of functions received in BestSeller, now you can integrate your own software and create your own solutions. WebAPI service was designed to improve you sale and comprehensive management of your e-business.

What I will get with BestSeller WebAPI?

With the WebAPI service will be able to freely integrate your online store with external systems and applications. They can be as simple as:

- Financial and accounting systems
- Internet Wholesale
- Storage systems
- Applications and websites
- Affiliate Programs


WebAPI allows you to:

- Create your own commercial, logistical and administrative solutions
- Match the communication between the store and external system to your needs
- Make changes and manage them without the help of our IT
- Connect your shop with various, individual solutions that you are interested

How does it works?

We provide you full documentation of SOAP as a basis to create your own IT solutions. You can also share you WebAPI key with your partner or contractor. He also create an interface to connect external software to your store.

With BestSeller WebAPI you can build exactly what you need to manage sale, create affiliate programs, export the database or manage orders of customers.

BestSeller WebAPI is another step forward, you can receive comprehensive services, and above all, limitless opportunities for growth and expansion of its online store, and the entire e-business.

If you have any questions regarding WebAPI BestSeller services, please contact us. We are pleased to give you answers to every question.


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