Sklep Internetowy BestSeller
Maroko Sklep
Morocco closer to You
Clothing and accessories from Outhorn
Men\'s Jewelry
Stylish jewelry for men
Virtual Point
Techland store - software and games
Unforgettable parties
BMW motorcycles parts
Smorawiński - MINI Dealer
Online store for MINI and BMW fans - leather goods
BookBox - secondhand bookshop
BMW Smorawiński
Gadgets and accessories associated with BMW
Adamas Jewelery
Manufacturer of golden and silver jewelery
Collector\'s Photo Gallery
Zamorskie Kolonie
Discover board games
Agricultural Wholesale
Parts for tractors and agricultural machinery

Should you buy store for your own or pay monthly rate?

Licensed and rented version of the shop are  different. Follow the information below carefully and then choose the store that best suits your needs.



Buy store

Rent store

Fee One-time Monthly
License Lifetime For rented time


Complex on any server

Complex on efficient Bestseller servers

Update 1 year free
Support 1 year free For rented time
See full Bestseller funcionality
Individual extension possibility
Transfer limit
Depending on selected server
30 GB
Product limit
No limits 10.000
SSL certificate included
Guaranteed reaction time
Guaranteed performance  When implemented on Infoserwis servers
One-time fee
799 € net
Monthly rate
79 € net

One-time activation fee
99 € net
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When should I buy Bestseller license?

  • When you want to buy software with lifetime license.

  • When you need individual solutions tailored to the nature of your store.

  • When you want to implement store on selected server without limits.

  • When you think of unlimited extensions possibilities.

When should I rent Bestseller store and pay monthly rate?

  • When you are new in e-commerce market.

  • When you need professional store for small amount.

  • When you need economical and safe store.

  • When you need fast and relatively cheap store implementation.


If you have already decided, which version of our store is the best for you, you can order software by filling form on our website or contact us. If you can not decide which version, you can see our free demo version. In this version you can see full funcionality of our store and see how it works.


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