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If anyone needs technical support?

Try to imagine that you are able to install and run any purchased online store. Without the five years degree in computer science. Without experience in Internet commerce. And without a meticulous knowledge of the system purchase. Ah, those dreams...

No matter how simple the software store will always encounter problems during installation. That's for sure.

As Michael Zgola - Implementation Specialist of Bestseller Shop says: "In most cases, the trader is not able to implement their own new store software. Usually he is buying an additional package of technical assistance, or costly technicians working time." That is exactly what we attach to your store. For free.


But basically what I get?

First, you can stop worrying about your store installation. We will do it. You have the right to require that the store simply acted.

Second, you can always call us or write and ask for assistance on any matter concerning the store. All inquiries from our customers are very important for us.

Thirdly, for the duration of a technical support service, we will complete your store with new improvements. Each of the increases productivity, reliability and security of your store. Often, it also offers new functions in the administration panel.

Fourth, every time we find an error, we correct it immediately. Your store is updated as soon as they arose. This is done without your participation. We take care of it.

Fifthly, we solving any problems reported by you due time. We guarantee the maximum time to remove the problem. Forget waiting weeks for a solution. Depending on the version of the store, we can solve critical problems even within a few hours.

Still not enough?

Calculate how much time and money you will save.


What I need to do?

Learn more about the Bestseller store or just send a non committal inquiry.


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