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When ordering or starting your store, you have to make it unique and recognizable. That is why you need to create good graphic design. The easiest way is to order totally new, unique graphic layout. However, if additional costs are a major obstacle for you, you stand before a real problem.

Fortunately, we equipped Bestseller with the template system. It allows to manage the look of your store, absolutely free.

  • You can choose from the available templates and colour versions. Their number will increase progressively, to give you maximum choice.
  • You can enable and disable particular store modules and select place, where these parts have to be displayed. It that way you can distinguish important parts and hide unnecessary. You can also define blocks with content and present them in selected locations. You can even switch between 2 and 3 columns layout.
  • You can load your own logo to the store.
  • You can load and change your own prepared graphic in the top of the site. If you do not want to do it on your own, you can order graphics from us, bearing a fraction of the cost of preparing the project of the store.
  • You can change the look of your shop seasonally, as often as you need. Your store may look different every day.

If you want to see predefined templates and available colour versions, order access to the free demo version.


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