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Declaration by the use of personal data

The company Infoserwis publishes this statement to inform users of its strategy for the use of personal data. The structure of the site has been designed so that it could be viewed without the need for identification and disclosure of personal data.

This declaration applies to all websites, which is owned by Infoserwis, registered at the address: Winogrady 60, 61-659 Poznan, Poland.

All Infoserwis sites may contain links to third-party websites, placed there for your convenience and information of visitors. Infoserwis Company has no impact on personal data protection policy pursued by these organizations and therefore, assumes no responsibility for third-party websites.


Personal Data

This information regarding the names and identities. Visitors who decide to give the Infoserwis company your personal information, you be assured that the data will be used only to strengthen cooperation with Infoserwis.


Non-personal data

Infoserwis company collects and analyzes data related to a specific identity, to assess the way in which visitors to a website in operation.


Use of information

Infoserwis company uses personal information in order to offer services and a better understanding of the needs of visitors. This information will enable, in particular, service contracts and transactions, as well as providing technical assistance. Non-personal data are collected for compiling reports on website usability, its performance and effectiveness. The aim is to increase the attractiveness of content and ease of use the site.


Sharing information

Infoserwis company does not sell, rent, lease, or disposal free of charge, user's personal information to third parties.


Changes in the content of the declaration

If the declaration ​​will be updated, we will publish information on our site and update the date of this document. In case of significant changes in the content, the Infoserwis company notifies them to customers affected by the changes.



We appreciate any feedback from our customers. Any comments or questions about our strategy for the protection of personal data should be sent to, or to contact our office in Poznan, Poland.


Poznan, March 2007


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