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Online store for MINI and BMW fans
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What do you think, how is it that you can go to your favourite store and buy a quality product? How does it happen that you are buying a product featured, reliable, practical, safe and above all, meeting your expectations?

Delivering consistently high quality product is requiring an appropriate procedure. We have it. And you will learn in a moment how it looks like. Procedure presented here is very general. With this, you will learn how the process of creating an individual store. Details remain our secret.

1. The whole process starts with the the first contact . We present our offer, and a vision of cooperation. We show possibilities and explain all possible doubts.

2. We set the required functionality of the store, get to know your wishes regarding the graphic design as well as individual functions. If needed our representative visit your company. It comes to signing the contract.

3. If you need it, our designers are performing a project for you according to the agreed outline. At the same time we are registering and preparing domain and web server. We are doing this now so that on completion of the store, everything was ready to use.

4. We are presenting executed project and, if you wish, making changes and corrections.

5. At the same time, our specialists are preparing the store engine, and making individual changes. We are creating an administrative panel.

6. We test our applications and when everything is ready, we combine graphic design with the application.

7. We are placing shop on a server. We are solving all problems relating to cooperation with the server. We test the correctness of the store. At your request, we import data from an external system.

8. Your store is ready. Now you can sell.


If you still do not know what you should do now, simply contact us.


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