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Have you heard about the great break-ins to Web sites of known companies? It can happen to anyone. Also you, your data and your customers.

Therefore we take safety very seriously. Each new version of the Bestseller store is thoroughly tested. Forget 40 or 50-day amendments period. If anyone finds a vulnerability in our software, we introduce the amendments immediately, even on weekends and holidays.

We never underestimate the bug reports or strange behavior of the system. In addition, key information in the database store are encrypted. For a potential intruder - useless.

The system was designed to minimize any risks associated with access to confidential data. As part of your store will work one of our employee with full access. In this way we guarantee and also we can guarantee that any information you entrust to us will remain confidential.

We use a number of technical measures to maximize safety. Encrypt the data users and administrators, used to log on the site. We provide the possibility to establish encrypted connections with customers. Access to the administration panel is always encrypted. Furthermore, we assume that if someone does not have to, it should not have access to data. That is why we hide any information which, although in themselves are harmless, in the hands of a smooth con artist can become dangerous.

5 simple tips on how to effectively protect your password (not only to our shop)

1. Use complex passwords that are not in the dictionary (the programs that hackers use most often are looking for a password by dictionary). Maybe the first letters of a quote from your favorite book or movie?

2. Use your password only on computers that you trust. Avoid internet cafes.

3. Make sure your computer has no viruses. If you do not know how to do this, ask your computer expert, or us.

4. Do not write, nor does it give anyone your passwords. Even if it says it is technical assistance.

5. Change your password once in a while.

Is it safe to give someone the password for the administration panel?

You want to product management and sales at the store took up your employee? In Bestseller store you can assign any persons of different powers. For example, you transfer to someone duty to handle the sale and also to block its access to important settings of the store.

Protect your password. It is yours and only yours.


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