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Perhaps sometimes you have purchased the software. Probably you have received the CD, the basic instruction, perhaps a certificate confirming your right to use the program. All in a sleek box that can be set on a shelf for all to admire its undeniable aesthetic value.

But later if you had a problem with the program, the box did not help. Oh, if you could call the manufacturer and ask for help immediately. Also this happened to us. Therefore, instead of the box, to our stores, we give technical support. If you bought our internet store, you can always call us and ask about any issue related to its use as well as the topic of e-commerce.

Is there really any program that contains errors?

Unfortunately, when the program is very complicated, some errors are difficult to detect. Do not believe those who claim that their software contains no errors. They tell an untruth, or do not realize the seriousness of the situation. Our aim is to minimize the number of errors in a Bestseller store. And if they occur?

Improving. Immediately. In addition, anyone who holds a package of technical assistance (when buying our shop and get it for FREE!) immediately receives the appropriate update for your store. Even if the error was detected in our other customer.

We meet the needs of our customers. To handle the issues we implemented our own a dedicated system. That why dedicated employees can quickly and reliably solve all issues. We are implementing amendments and updates, we explain the problems and, above all, we serve our customers. 

Remember, we guarantee that you will get a solution to your problem in a timely manner.

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