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Morocco closer to You
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Stylish jewelry for men
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Online store for MINI and BMW fans
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Gadgets and accessories associated with BMW
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Manufacturer of golden and silver jewelery


Because we understand what entrepreneurs want to achieve. Our solutions save Your time and give opportunity to use all Internet sales channels. Flexibility makes us different and unique among competitors. 


The largest functional capabilities on the market

The standard version of the Bestseller shop offers wide functionality of the modules, more than most of our potential competitors.

We offer unlimited possibilities for expansion of our shop. We create any functionality on the client's request. You need a function for the store that no one has? Please order it from us. We are able to do virtually anything.

Please note that, despite such an extensive functionality, the Bestseller administrative panel operated conveniently and intuitively.

The modern integration platform

Nearly 50 of integrated services for free in the Bestseller store is a fact. If there is any site to which you wish to integrate, and could not find it on the list of our integration, you simply write to us. All integrations are constantly expanded and updated, and for everything that you absolutely do not incur any charges.

Robust technology

Bestseller stores servers are located in a modern company OVH Datacenter in Paris.

They are connected to the Internet network multiple, redundant connections with a total capacity of 60Gbit.

Center is monitored 24 hours a day. It has surge protectors, own power supply and air conditioning, providing you with reliable performance. Servers are equipped with powerful Intel Xeon Quad and powerful disk arrays. We are installing only Bestseller stores on them. This ensures that our software is always running at maximum possible efficiency.

Guarantee that is the average time taken to generate the page in the client portion, which shall not exceed 1.5 seconds.


Bestseller store software has been thoroughly tested. Key information store database is fully encrypted. If you find a gap in our software, the amendments introduce even on Sundays and holidays. On our platform is constantly working group of experts for improved safety standards and use of Bestseller store. Extensive experience gained over seven years of work guarantees a stable and robust solution for anyone who is serious about its e-business.

That's why Bestseller store is safe, and you can fully focus on controlling revenues.

Comprehensive service and support for business

Bestseller platform encompasses all the activities for which they are committed to build a relationship with you together.

With this action you will receive:

  • free trial shop for 1 month
  • comprehensive implementation of the Bestseller software
  • complete installation
  • free support and technical advice

The guarantee of response time to critical problem - one day.

Personal appearance of the shop

Our designers will create for your unique layout, which will help distinguish your company from the competition. Bestseller is a powerful and unique graphic designs. At your request we will execute each new project or integrate an existing one.

Please do not forget: Bestseller unlimited possibilities.

Our customers

Bestseller deployed hundreds of stores and thousands of satisfied customers. Over the seven years of our activity we had the pleasure to handle both large enterprises and small business owners. Handling such a diverse and demanding customer is possible only through the advancement and flexibility of our software.

Why Bestseller?

Therefore, we do not have the time nor the need to argue on internet forums, which sales platform is more effective. We consider it a waste of valuable time, and thus a lack of respect for our customers. We are serious about our work and therefore serve major businessmen.

Empty words is not our mission. We create for our clients unlimited possibilities for development that is still ahead of the rapid changes in the world of e-commerce.

We work with passion and commitment, because we deliver top quality services.

Please summarize the facts:

  • Hundreds deployed in stores
  • The largest functional capabilities in Poland
  • Nearly 50 sites in standard integrated
  • The response time for critical problem - one day
  • Average page generation time in the client portion-less than 1.5 seconds
  • 99.9% guarantee that your store will operate without interruption
Try to find such opportunities in the competition.

If you have already made ​​the decision, you can order our store or simply contact us.


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